14th Batch of New ICC Students (SY 2021-2022) Starts PSDLT.

At the start of every school year at the University of St Andrews UK, the iconic university where British royalty Prince William & Kate Middleton met, new students are required to take the TGAP (Training in Good Academic Practice) before they can attend their first class for the school year. Borrowing the same idea from St Andrews, ICC Corporate Secretary Mr. MJ Del Prado and ICC Corporate Treasurer Mr. Aren Del Prado, both alumnus of the University of St Andrews, introduced the PSDLT (Pre Semester Distance Learning Training) concept to all incoming ICC students.
While University of St Andrews’ TGAP is an online training module that outlines the university’s expectation of academic conduct and how to avoid misconduct particularly plagiarism. ICC’s PSDLT is an online training module that prepares the students for the incoming online education environment and provides refresher courses in reading and writing, two key skills in online learning. It likewise introduces the student to the Twitter environment.
This week another batch of new ICC students experienced the PSDLT. All new ICC students will be required to take the PSDLT before being accepted to any online class this coming school year.
ICC’s PSDLT is hosted by Teachable. Teachable Inc, w/c is based in Manhattan New York City, is a global company that provides a software platform and digital infrastructure to develop and sell online courses.
After completing their PSDLT, all ICC students will be given Certificates of Completion signed by ICC President & Founder Manny Del Prado.
Important Notice: Enrollment EXTENDED until October 16, 2021 due to numerous requests from parents & working students who are still saving for tuition payments.