A Lot More College Transferees Enroll @ ICC

A Lot More College Transferees Enroll @ ICC. We would like to Welcome: Mary Ann Lara (Computerized Accounting Course. ICC Silang), Genevive Limpada (Computer Secretarial. ICC Gov Drive), Raama Rhym Bernal (Computer Animation. ICC Imus) and Jocelyn Tapnio (Computerized Accounting Course. ICC Salawag) to ICC.

They are transferees from other colleges/universities; Mary Ann from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Technology (Manila), Genevive from Phil Christian University (Manila), Raama Rhym from Lyceum University of the Phil (Gen Trias) and Jocelyn from San Pedro College of Business Administration (Laguna).

Every school year there is a big number of ICC enrollees who are college transferees. Most college transferees graduate from ICC and find meaningful jobs. ICC might not have been their first college choice and Information Technology not their preferred course, but, most of them find a renewed meaning in their life and future.