A Lot More Senior High School Graduates Enroll at ICC

A Lot More Senior High School Graduates Enroll at ICC. We would like to welcome Mary Jane Buenaflor (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC Alabang), Gary Ronda (Computer Programming. ICC Salawag), Glenda Dava (Office Management. ICC Bacoor) and Maicha Portal (Computer Programming. ICC Salawag).

They are senior hs graduates; Mary Jane from Las Pinas City National SHS (Dona Josefa), Gary from City of Bacoor Senior HS, Glenda from AMA Las Pinas and Maicha from University of Perpetual Help Molino.

Since 2018, senior high school (SHS) graduates comprises more than fifty (50%) of new enrollees at ICC. Senior high school graduates choose one of any of the following tracks before graduating SHS: Academic, Arts and Design, Technical (Vocational) Livelihood, and Sports. Whatever track the SHS graduates chose in their previous school, they can enrol in any Information Technology, Business or Animation course as 1st yr college at ICC.