ICC Faculty Training on Distance Education

ICC faculty members started training this week on distance education. The first group of faculty members were handled by ICC President & Founder Manny Del Prado.

The faculty development program seeks to provide ICC faculty members strategies to use for the remote classroom and tips on how to be an effective online teacher.

ICC has created a Distance Education Platform that would provide distance learning from the most basic (students without any computer or mobile phone) to the most advanced (students with their own laptops, tablets, smartphones & fiber internet connections) and anything in between.

This coming school year, students have 2 options to enroll:

First is the usual, they can enroll physically just like before.

The 2nd option is “contact less”; they can enroll/register in the ICC website, then pay their full or downpayment thru palawan express, smart padala or gcash.

Students do not need to pass the entrance requirements at once; they can just forward their entrance credentials at their most convenient time (either when the lockdown is over or thru grab delivery or lala moves.