ICC now Accepting Students from Anywhere in the Philippines

ICC Online Education now Accepting Students from Anywhere in the Philippines. ICC has started to receive inquiries from students, in Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, other Calabarzon provinces, Bicol, Visayas and Mindanao, if they can enroll and take ICC classes thru Distance Education until the Covid 19 situation is not fully resolved.

In the past, hundreds of students from Bicol, Visayas and Mindanao enroll in ICC before the semester starts & live with their relatives or friends in Cavite or Las Pinas. With the current situation, students planning to attend ICC classes this semester will have NO NEED TO GO at once to Cavite & Las Pinas to enroll & start attending the classes when the 1st semester starts. They can enroll online & start attending classes wherever they are thru ICC’s Distance Education platform.

Students from other locations can likewise do a FULL ONLINE COURSE (no need to go to the ICC Classes) even if the covid19 situation is resolved.

ICC has created a Distance Education Platform that would provide distance learning from the most basic (students without any computer or mobile phone) to the most advanced (students with their own laptops, smartphones & fiber internet connections) and anything in between.

ICC is likewise introducing the Pre Semester Distance Learning Training (PSDLT). The PSDLT, patterned from the University of St Andrews (UK) TGAP module, is an online training module in distance learning, refresher course in reading & refresher course in writing skills, that helps incoming students to understand ICC’s distance education system. It is compulsory for all students and must be taken before he/she could start his/her subjects for the semester. A free Certificate of Completion will likewise be given to all students.