ICC ThanksGiving Lunch

ICC ThanksGiving Lunch. ICC President & Founder Manny Del Prado invited all the faculty members and selected student leaders from all branches to a “Thanksgiving Lunch” last March 7, 2020 at ICC’s Corporate Training facility, ICC Bldg, Paredes St, Katarungan Village, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The lunch is a form of thanksgiving for the successful holding of ICC’s 32nd Foundation Anniversary. Student performers were invited to sing during the event. Ms ICC winners were likewise present and introduced themselves to the invited guests. The Student Council presidents of all branches and some selected student leaders were part of the guest list. All students were asked to introduced themselves and give a background on where they came from and the course they were taking. Graduating students were asked about their plans after graduation. Several raffle prizes were given in the relax and full-filled afternoon. A short ICC General Staff Meeting was held, after the lunch and program, to discuss the upcoming schedule of activities (before the Final Exams until the Commencement Exercises on April 22). The ICC President likewise provided the Administrative and Branch Coordinators the ICC’s marketing plans for the school year 2020-2021. #IccFoundationWeek2020 #IccThanksGivingLunch #IccCorporateTrainingFacility #32YearsNaAngIcc #ProudToBeAnIccStudent #ADecadeOfNewPossibilities #DiscoverThePowerToChangeYourLife #EnrollAtICC #SY20202021