ICC uses New-York based Teachable as Online Platform

ICC uses New-York based Teachable as Online Platform. ICC will use the software platform of the New York based Teachable Inc. to expand its online platform in Distance Education.

ICC VIce President & Corporate Treasurer Mr Aren Del Prado, who spearheaded the project, said that ICC will initially use the Teachable platform to train ICC’s faculty members in distance education, writing skills and reading skills. As the distance education skills of ICC’s faculty members progress; ICC’s 2 yr course offering will be integrated in the platform.

In the future, ICC will invite college/university lecturers and IT/Business professionals to provide courses using ICC’s Teachable platform in a collaborative environment discussing their area of expertise. The online courses ICC will provide in the future would no longer be tied up to the 2yr course they are currently offering, but, would tap into the network of professors and friends the Del Prado brothers met during their time in the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom to reach the global marketplace.