More & More & More HS Grads (Old Curriculum) Enroll at ICC

More & More & More High School Graduates (Old Curriculum) Enroll at ICC. We would like to welcome Anabelle Carangalan (Office Management. ICC Rosario), Nenita Toble (Computer Secretarial. ICC Imus), Rosalie Salazar (Office Management. ICC GMA) and Ellen Rose Nuylan (Office Management. ICC Alabang) to ICC.

The four of them are high school graduates under the old curriculum; Anabelle from Dona Meneses Duque HS Bulacan, Nenita from Imus Institute, Rosalie from Northern Bataan Institute and Ellen from Las Pinas East National High School.

For the past several years, a big number of High School Graduates under the Old Curriculum have enrolled at ICC since they can enroll directly as 1st Yr college students and do not need to go back to senior hs or take a bridging program as is the case when they enroll in other colleges/universities.