More & More & More Senior HS Graduates Enroll at ICC

More & More & More Senior HS Graduates Enroll at ICC. We would like to welcome Jahzel Basallote (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC Bacoor), Dharen Luza (Applied Computer Science. ICC Trece), Lovely Marie Ciriaco (Multimedia Technology. ICC GMA) and Ma. Alysa Redoblado (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC Imus) to ICC.

They are senior hs graduates; Jahzel from University of Perpetual Help Molino, Dharen from Amore Academy of Trece Martirez, Lovely from Asian Institute of Computer Studies and Alysa from Montessori Professional College,

Since 2018, senior high school (SHS) graduates comprises more than fifty (50%) of new enrollees at ICC. Senior high school graduates usually choose one of any of the following tracks before graduating SHS: Academic, Arts and Design, Technical (Vocational) Livelihood, and Sports. In some colleges/universities whatever track you took in Sr High you are stuck withoit, but, at ICC whatever track the SHS graduates chose in their previous school, they can enroll in any Information Technology, Business or Animation course as 1st yr college students.