Walang Pang 1ST Day of Classes Computer HandsOn Na, 1SmSY20202021

Walang Pang 1ST Day of Classes Computer HandsOn Na, 1st Sem SY 2020-2021. While most of the complain of students in other colleges/universities is usually “Matatapos na ang Semester HINDI PA kami nakakahawak ng COMPUTER”, at ICC we take pride in the fact that on the FIRST DAY of CLASSES all our students have their first computer handson activity.

This school year is quite different because of the Covid crisis. Our usual Computer handson activities on the 1st Day of classes is something we could no longer do. So we ADVANCED it. Last week, those students, who do not have any computer handson experience and have no access to any computer at home or work, were scheduled by their respective branch coordinators to visit the branch for their first computer handson experience. The government thru the IATF allows such arrangements for schools as long as there is no physical (face to face) classes and strict compliance on the number of students in a room is strictly observed. TESDA, the govt agency that supervises ICC, likewise approves this system under their learning protocols.

Even during today’s covid crisis, ICC does not forget their mantra “First Day of Classes Pa Lang Computer Handson Na!” and this year we even did better “Walang Pang 1ST Day of Classes Computer HandsOn Na”. The computer handson activities of the students is not just for the sake of using the computer, the first computer handson activity is the start of monitoring the keyboard speed of all students with the ultimate goal of improving their keyboard skills. From the 1st day of classes until they graduate two years after, we instill in all ICC students an attitude of “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT”.

New enrollees who have no access to computers in their homes or work should inform their branch coordinators if they want to have their computer handson in the branch even before the opening of classes on Oct 5. New enrollees must have completed their PSDLT before making that request.

Enrollment in all ICC branches is still on-going & will continue until Oct 5, 2020, the 1st day of classes for school year 2020-2021. There is also a possibility that the ICC president will extend the enrollment for late enrollees as a lot of parents & working students are still in the process of saving for the tuition.