Our School Emblem & Colors

The school seal bears the letters I.C.C. The letters stands for the following:


ICC constantly updates its curricular offerings based on the latest in the Global Information Technology and Industry.


ICC’s commitment to lifelong learning is never limited to a set of fundamental rules. We are committed to continuous self-improvement; self-discipline and self-reliance.


ICC’s expression of competence is measured by the skills we aquire and the results we produce when we put them into practice. The best of our abilities are put to test when we expect positive, long term results.

ICC logo

The School Emblem

At the center of our school seal, there is a diskette, which symbolizes an object where data or knowledge is stored.

If the CPU is the Central Nervous System of a Computer, the diskette symbolizes every student in quest for knowledge who comes to our school (ICC) which is the main CPU. Knowledge in the form of skills and competencies will be transferred to him, and once it is stored within himself, he is off for a better start to improve his life.

The School Colors

The school colors are dark blue and white.
  • DARK BLUE – means serenity and devotion. It also means confidence, self-reliance and self-discipline for constant self-improvement. These are the virtues that the ICC Community must possess as a whole.
  • WHITE – means purity and clearness of thinking. It also underscores fairness, setting of high standards and honesty at work – the general environment that ICC aims to develop in its community.

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