animation nc3 course

2 Year Computer Animation Course

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a student on core competencies such as: Produce key drawings for animation, Produce cleaned-up and in-betweened drawings, Create 2d/3D digital animation and Use an authoring tool to create an interactive sequence in accordance with the industry standards. It includes competencies basic and common competencies such as : Apply Quality Standars, Perform Computer Operations. It also includes basic competencies such as: Lead Workplace Communication, Lead Small Teams, Develop and Practice Negotiation Skills, Solve Problems Related to Workplace Activities, Use Mathematical Concepts and Techniques, and Use Relevant Technologies.

ICC Course Titles under Animation NC3 Program Registration:

2 Year Computer Animation Course
2 Year Film Animation Course

We are Now accepting Enrollees for SY 2020-2021.