ICC Welcomes 4 New Students (All Alternative Learning System (ALS) Graduates/Passers) for the 1ST Semester SY2023-2024.

We would like to welcome Nathalie Cordero (Computer Secretarial. ICC GMA), Zachiel Murillo (Office Management. ICC GMA) (Working Student), Jhanrei Alfred Dimaano (Computerized Accounting. ICC Carmona) and Jeralyn Amongayon (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC GMA) to ICC.
Nathalie (Batch 2023), Zachiel (Batch 2019), Jhanrei and Jeralyn (Batch 2012) are all Alternative Learning System (ALS) Graduates/Passers. ALS graduates (JHS or SHS) enroll at ICC as 1st Year College Students.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: ICC’s 1st Semester Classes started last July 31, 2023, but, we are STILL ACCEPTING ENROLLEES for the entire month of August due to numerous request from parents and working students. ICC faculty members, in all branches, will provide assistance to all late enrollees to make sure they will be up-to-date with the lessons. ICC’s Teachable Learning Platform, using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, could be accessed by ICC students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).
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