Twenty-Third Batch of ICC Students (1sT Semester, School Year 2023-2024) Completes PSDLT.

Congratulations to the twenty-third batch of ICC students who completed the Pre Semester Distance Learning Training (PSDLT) last week. Each one was awarded a Certificate of Completion signed by ICC President & Founder Manny Del Prado last Sep 13, 2023.
ICC’s PSDLT, patterned after University of St Andrews (in Scotland United Kingdom)’s TGAP (Training for Good Academic Practice), is an online training module that prepares the students for the incoming distance education environment and provides refresher courses in reading and writing, two key skills in distance learning. It likewise introduces the student to the Twitter environment.
All new ICC students in the 1sT Semester, School Year 2023-2024 (Both Online and Face to Face) will be required to take the PSDLT before being accepted to any class this coming school year. Both PSDLT and the Certificate of Completion are free for all ICC students enrolled this school year. All new students are required to finish the PSDLT within two weeks after enrolling.
Note: 1) Late Enrollees will be accepted only until Sept 15, 2023 (Friday). 2) Next enrollment will be for the 2nd Semester, SY2023-2024, and it will start on the last week of October 2023. 3) 2nd Semester, SY 2023-2024, will start on January 15, 2024.
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