Learning Continues at ICC Rosario Amidst ECQ/MECQ

Learning Continues at ICC Rosario Amidst ECQ/MECQ. ICC Rosario faculty members and students continued with their Online Classes inspite of the new lockdown announcements by the government starting last March 22 & continues to this date.
Recent research mentioned by the World Economic Forum, an international organization based in Geneva Switzerland, states that “Online Learning has shown to increase retention of information.”
After seven months of ICC online classes the following have been experienced by the students:
1 It is more comfortable to attend Online Classes. Students do not need to take public transportation to go to the school. They don’t have to wake up early to go to class or rush from work just to make it at school on time. They do not have to dress up in their school uniforms to learn, they can wear their most comfortable clothes (tshirt, shorts, pajamas) & select their most comfortable chairs or spots while attending the online classes.
2 Flexibility. For working students and stay at home moms, sometimes going to the school eats up their free time. Online classes can be taken Anywhere, Anytime as long as they have internet connection. Making time during office lunch breaks, sitting on the couch and taking online classes instead of watching tv, viewing or listening to the online lectures while traveling to and from work are some of the ways online classes can be taken up. This ensures flexibility in terms of time and effort.
3 Mobility. A place that has internet connection is a place to take advantage of. Have you ever thought that it was possible to attend a college class while traveling. eLearning is now in the student’s pockets.
ICC students who are currently enrolled are not only learning the subjects they are taking for the semester; they are practicing the following skills which will be very beneficial for their career in the future:
1 Collaboration & Communication. Collaborating and communicating online is preparing the students with the skills needed for modern careers.
2 Geographically Dispersed. A growing category of jobs will require employees to work in geographically dispersed, virtual teams.
3 Maturity, Focus & Self-Discipline. Being able to successfully pass all your subjects in a semester shows that the student has enough maturity, focus and self-discipline to learn digitally.
4 Time Management. Juggling work, family & school is not an easy thing to do. Employers recognize this and admire the time management skills it takes to balance all three.
5 Refined Critical Thinking Skills. Critical thinking plays a role in any type of education. However, online learning forces the student to develop their critical thinking skills in ways that they may not practice in a classroom setting. This sort of self-paced and self-motivated learning demonstrate to future employers that the graduate has the ability to think critically and overcome any obstacles that might have stood in their way.
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