New ICC Enrollees Catchup for 2nD Semester

New ICC Enrollees Catchup for 2nD Semester. We would like to welcome Elaine Chua (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC Imus), Rea Gamurot (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC Bacoor) and Loraine Alfonso (Business Management Entrepreneurship. ICC GMA) to ICC.
The three of them are high school graduates under the old curriculum; Elaine from Imus National High School, Rea from Namuac Academy (Cagayan) and Loraine from Balina National High School (Laguna).
For the past several years, a big number of High School Graduates under the Old Curriculum have enrolled at ICC since they can enroll directly as 1st Yr college students and do not need to go back to senior hs or take a bridging program as is the case when they enroll in other colleges/universities.
Second Semester Enrollment is Extended until April 30, 2021 (Due to the request of a lot of parents & working students whose budget for tuition was somewhat affected by the ECQ).
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